Saturday, May 26, 2012


“Why do we have the desire to tease the innocent? Is it envy? ” (GG) Why do we point out flaws in others just to feel good about ourselves. Shouldn’t we be able to know our strengths without crushing someone. We should, I want to, I will. I will from this time forth (of course I will mess up) not step on another to feel better about myself. CSL says that following the commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves does not mean we have to like our neighbor, there are many times we don’t like ourselves. This not liking ourselves is as important as loving ourselves, it should go with self esteem. We should call it, well I am not sure, but it should be something that counters the self esteem myth that we are beyond mistakes and that somehow our mistakes are somehow not part of us. Mistakes may be more apart of us than our talents and good points. How much stronger would we be, how much stronger would our families be, if we could incorporate “that was stupid”, or “I am not doing that again”, into discussions as readily as we say “that was awesome. And with the criticism is a kind of silly laughter. “you silly goose” or “sometimes I do the dumbest things” . The recognition of our weaknesses releases us from criticizing others. When we are honestly aware of our strengths and flaws then we see others’ strengths and flaws. We see others as we see ourselves and the world can breathe a sigh of relief that we are flawed and we are awesome. If I am a child of God and he loves me, then he himself enjoys my mistakes and enjoys my awesomeness. He is simply asking in my clumsiness to lean on him, but I can only do this if I recognize my clumsiness.

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